Monday, May 11, 2009

Memories made

Yesterday was a special day in many ways. Of course, it's Mother's Day--even nicer now that I'm a mother! The girls had decorated wooden frames at kindergarten, and the teachers had inserted some special phrases about moms in German. So special and fun to see the girls giddy for me to open their gifts up.

My husband also took the girls downtown on Saturday to buy me some ranunculas (see how pretty) and some fresh squeezed OJ (he knows how much I make over it). Plus he was following my request to not spend too much, and we certainly don't need more to pack up at this point!

After church Sunday, we went with Heather and the kids to a favorite German restaurant, Hockenberger Muhle. We've taken many visitors there over the time we've been here, but it had been a long while. We made reservations for the back terrace so the kids could run around the playground there while we waited for our food. It was worth waiting for--so yummy! Heather and I tasted spargel soup for the first time--pretty good. Do you know what spargel is? White asparagus! Quite a treat here--people stand in line for it!

Next was the Appelblutefest (apple bloom fest) parade in our little village of Naurod. Not quite the floats of the Rose Bowl parade, but a ton of fun for our girls and us! This was the 3rd day of festivities--seeing all our friends and neighbors out and about. I teared up a bit in the midst of the huge crowd with the revelation that this was not going to be an experience our girls would have all their lives (as it has been for the past few years). I like the community feel of this festival and our village so much! I know we've been called to serve elsewhere now, so this desire to have a community like this for my kids has to die, at least for this season. And who knows what might take place in little Bombarral? I would have never imagined this here!
There she is! This year's Appelblutefest Queen sitting on the Naurod Gans (goose) float. All the girls were thrilled! We even waited on our street since the floats would come by one more time to "see her again"!

The day ended with a short but sweet talk with my mom. She couldn't chat our normal Sunday night (afternoon for her) time since she was eating out with my brother! I was a bit disappointed she didn't get my gift yet (after a request that they wait to ship it so it would be more timely for Mother's Day). Anyway, in my mom's usual form, she listens to what's going on and how she can pray, gladly agrees to take care of something for us (this time: review a newsletter), and generously gave me money for Mother's Day. She is a wonderful lady!

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