Friday, March 8, 2013

A Rainbow’s End


Last year I started this small project after seeing a digital version I liked. It took a sick day in January to complete it! So glad now.


It was fun to add a bit of Spring and Truth in our entryway.


I made a couple trips to our local retrosaria between last year and this to get a needed button or two to fill in the rainbow well. If you’d like to make something similar, I’d recommend starting with a larger piece of cloth than I did. It got a little tricky trying to keep my piece between the embroidery hoop with all the buttons not wanting to bend on the hoop’s edges.


The cursive writing was just freehand and the clover is four small hearts ends together. I pulled the fabric around a frame back {with stand} and glued it. I had planned on framing it, but the frame did not have enough space for the back now-covered-in-fabric to fit in its grooves.


Thankfully it stands well on its own! Happy Spring and St. Patrick’s Day to you a little early!


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