Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Curbside Finds

The first part of this week is "put out your junk on the curb for anyone to get it or else the trash man" for us in Naurod. I won't try to tell you the German name for this type of trash pick up. This time we had some to add rather than just grab! I had to put my less than perfect slip covered couch back on the curb where it came from (albeit a long way from the curb in Chicago!). The pink tricycle got picked up right away, but it has several problems that the next owner may find annoying.

This is what a neighbor's driveway looks like. My daughter and I discussed getting that wreath to work on later, but it was nabbed by someone else before we came back by. These days can be crazy for our village. It seems the whole world knows when it's planned, and they drive around in vans like vultures around and around looking for whatever is a treasure to them (or to someone they can sell it to!). So do I consider myself one of these vultures? Hmm... maybe not because I live here? Well, we're all in it for the free stuff. We've acquired a "new" couch and matching chair, another chair, treated lumber, an outdoor lounger, some enamelware bowls and 2 small dresser/side tables that work great for the girls doll paraphernalia all over the 2 years we've been here.

These are my finds for today: 2 old toy commuter trains, a pewter goblet with German on it, and a glittered plastic garland for Christmas. Some of you might think of these as junk, but I look forward to seeing how they find the right place at our next home. I've been wanting to add some whimsy to our more grown-up Christmas decorations already--maybe that's what having kids does to you! We'll miss the junk/treasure days in Naurod!

PS: One of my favorite blogs I have to say... is celebrating the 1 year birthday of her Etsy fabric store, Fresh Squeezed Fabrics . Leave a comment on her blog to enter the give-a-way for some great fabric choices or a $50 gift certificate by Thursday!

Another fabulous source for fabric, The Fabric Shopper, is having a give-a-way of Japanese fabric and a pattern of your choice along with Sheree's Alchemy. Comment before the end of the month! Here's my favorite Japanese fabric offered:

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