Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it really permanent?

My husband even encouraged me to post this: We have a couple big baby items that have been used by our organization, and therefore have been labeled with a permanent marker as such. No problem until you want to get rid of these things. We still have them after a couple garage sales and such. The resale shop here is pretty picky about stains too. I finally decided to google it and found this. We were both very skeptical that it would actually work. I thought at this point, "What do we have to lose?". So, I applied a little dry erase marker over the permanent market, wiped it with a dry rag and wallah (sp?)--it's gone! It actually took a couple applications of dry erase followed by dry rag then wet rag, but it's tons better than before. Wish I would have taken pictures to capture this amazing phenomenon!

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes!!! A while back, Dylan got ahold of a permanent marker.....I used up ALL of my dry erase markers just due to retracing and erasing! It really works!!!
    I hope you get it all sold quickly!!



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