Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm jumping in

I finally decided to do it: blog--a word I thought was so ugly when I first heard it a long while back! When my parents left after Christmas, I unintentionally found some great blogs that inspired my creativity, give fabulous decorating or organizing ideas, or just were enjoyable to follow. Since then, it seems these blogs have become a great substitute for the English magazines I enjoy reading (but cannot obtain without a large price) in this part of Europe.

My husband jokes with me that the blog writers have become my friends since I am an extrovert. Friends that speak another language can only go so far in sharing their life with you!We're in an unusual season currently--the rest of our team has returned to the States, and we're packing boxes in preparation for a move to Portugal in June.

I've had some surprising success (blessing rather) in some of the blog give-a-ways I've entered. Twice I've won purse or bag patterns and the fabric to make them (amazing, huh?!). Those have been nice gifts from God really. Getting the stuff to Germany is another issue (thank you to Mom in Texas who is my generous go-between).

So, we'll see how this blog thing goes. I hope to be disciplined to not let this "hobby" suck life from me or my family. Rather, I hope you can enjoy this along with me...

1 comment:

  1. So happy to see your blog! I love it! We are thinking of and praying for your family during this transition time! We love you guys!



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