Sunday, May 24, 2009

Backyard Color & Things to Come

We had the privilege of seeing our allium--but I normally call it garlic--and clematis bloom before we leave. We're hoping to see the peonies (the bush behind the garlic) open up as well. We decided to take it with us to our new home in Portugal with several other things we've planted here. It's ok to do--you take the lights that you installed and even the kitchen (if the next tenant doesn't want it) when you rent here. I'm hoping the rudbeckia (I forget that in America they're called black eyed susans) will make the transplant as well (the small plants popping up left of the garlic). Gotta love perennials!

We'll miss this gorgeous vine. He's had his roots here a long time...
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  1. Jenni-Thank you so much for your comments...I agree, mission trips are life changing and cannot wait for our kids to experience them with or without us. And how cool is it that your kids get to see & hear about the mission field on a daily basis. I know I don't have to go far for our kids to either, but I need to make it a priority!

  2. That vine is beautiful! I can see how it would be hard to leave.



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