Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tins Stacked

I got the best deal on a box of old tins at the flea market, especially after seeing what other sellers were asking for individual old tins. I guess they’re not as easy to come by as in America.


I got a few diamonds in the rough too! See that turquoise and beige striped one with the handle on the lid? It cleaned up nicely with a baking soda and lemon juice paste. It’s now sitting on my mantle! The Ocean Queen tin is vying for a few different spots in the house. We’ll see.


Yet I bought this box of tins because I wanted to copy this, a lovely tiered organizer from Scene of Sublime.


My chosen tins, candlestick like parts and a neutral spray paint… I didn’t know where I’d set it in our house, and I wanted to be able to use it for any holiday or birthday party.


My husband drilled pilot holes through the tins and then used screws into each stick. It made it a little wobbly so he added a few more for balance. If you make one, remember to line up the tin seams on one side—we forgot.


Yet, the finished product turned out really fun! I love how you can still see the embossed areas of the Mozart chocolate tin—chocolate balls we always saw for sale in Germany.


It’s citrus harvest time around here, so we’ve been give a plethora of every kind of citrus {quite a blessing!}. This had been a nice spot to keep the lemons. We’ll see what to put in it next!


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  1. I love this and am so so jealous, Jenni! I need you to come to Coimbra and help me scout out flea markets that don't break the bank! :)



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