Friday, February 17, 2012

Decorating in Narrow Spaces


When we built our guest bath upstairs, we had minimal options as to where the toilet and other plumbed fixtures would be located. The rough in was done when we bought the house and could not be undone. Little did I know how close the toilet would sit next to the wall or how the shower door would swing out and make it nearly impossible to hang anything on the wall behind it. {In the photo below, it’s hard to distinguish, but the front glass panel is the door hinged on the wall.}


Thankfully I discovered the simplistic beauty of frameless photo frames, especially used in multiples. This was so much better {and way cheaper} than multi-opening frames I’d looked at especially in regards to how far they sat off the wall.


These are maps of London that I printed from Graphics Fairy. They don’t stick out much more than the light switch in these frames.


On the wall by the toilet, I chose 6 of my favorite “travel” photos {2 of Portugal, 1 of our village in Germany, and 3 of Paris}. Again, these thin frames do not feel overpowering as you head to/fro the toilet as some other frames I tried out. Getting photos to fit European frame size didn’t work 100% as you can see a little of the back sticking out, but cutting down the back of the frames was not as fun as getting them up on the wall right away!


Some perspective…  We have a tall bathroom shelf next to the sink. {That’s the church in Wiesbaden on the back wall—amazing I got that shot with my old camera and all the others!}


And our sink hangs on the wall—no legs—so that allows the feeling of more space too.


More travel art on the other wall, but this time in wooden frames I got from the dollar store that I stained to match the shelving unit. Don’t look too close or you can see which one I cheated and used a paper background instead of a matte!


So thankful this bathroom has come together. It needed some life! I hope you’re encouraged to consider some out of the box framing options…pun intended!

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