Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Healing Post-op Takes Time

Cut to the details: Last summer I had a hysterectomy leaving my ovaries in. I’ve had a history of gynecological problems, and an MRI last spring showed adenomyopathy. This was a welcome diagnosis since it meant that having my uterus taken out might stop the pain. Having such a surgery in a foreign country was quite an experience, but I’m really thankful it all went well. I can’t forget to mention there were many people praying for me, and God took care of so many of my concerns!

I expected my initial post-op days back at home to be pretty difficult hearing about my friends’ experiences with the same procedure or those who’ve had C-sections. Low expectations helped things seem like they were going really well! One thing I learned was how reaching up for something or pushing down on something like a hole puncher really hurt—I wasn’t told to avoid those movements.

My doctor had me wear a HUGE elastic band from the start for a month! I had a love/HATE relationship with that thing! Two weeks into it, I cut the width in half! After taking it off for good a month later, I saw how it had protected my wound, kept me walking slowly, and supported those muscles—probably one of the reasons I could do so much right after my surgery! Of course it meant those supporting muscles now needed to regain strength a month later, so that part of it wasn’t fun to face.

Another late revelation came in the fall when I started wearing jeans again. Who knew that low-rise jeans would jab into the wound?! It seemed I needed a new wardrobe! Thankfully I pulled out dress pants from my working days or any pants with lighter weight fabric that didn’t fold into the incision spot when I sat down—perfect timing for being a full-time homeschool teacher.

The new year has rolled around. It’s been over 6 months. I am thankful to say my jeans aren’t bothering me when I wear them now! It just took some time! {A dear friend of mine had encouraged me with similar words this past fall when I was bewildered by the “new” jeans pain. You were right Rachel!}

I am starting to pick up my kids more and not be so concerned about how much something weighs that I move or pick up. I usually feel it a day or so later but the after-pains are happening less and less. I look forward to reporting even more noticeable healing later.

I hope someone else is encouraged that healing will come for them too, in time.


  1. Jenni, I had no idea about your surgery! Thank you for sharing about what you have been through. I am praying for more healing and encouragement.



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