Friday, February 10, 2012

Hearts Are Out

This year I found myself a little more motivated to get out the Valentine’s décor. Sometimes it’s felt challenging when it’s not really celebrated here {or only minimally especially in comparison to the US}.


The old egg incubator in the entry gets a new do. It’s snug next to the coat rack overflowing this time of year! {And I’ve not learned the art of keeping me out of the photo when there’s a mirror!}


I love reminiscing when I pull these things out: the vintage embroidered centerpiece—a sweet gift, the amazing wreath—from a missionary who was selling everything before going overseas, vintage cards I’ve collected or ones my mom used at a church event.


I updated my little tree this year with a coat of brown paint. It had been white since the days of my oldest’s baby shower. More vintage-esque Valentines I used to decorate my room with in high school—ha! Cake plate and bottle from the flea market here; doily—flea market…Paris!


We had some dinner guests last week that brought this lovely house plant. I thought it’s leaves and color were appropriate for the month. I haven’t taken the time to repot it yet.


I did add this most truth-filled Valentine!


My latest creation {or use of my Silhouette machine} is an etched glass hurricane candle holder. Had the candle holder for years but was never really inspired to use it. Loving it now! I took photos of the process so hopefully a step-by-step blog post is to come.


Our mighty mantle got some minor updates. {I love this how I caught the fire in this photo but night time shots can be the pits—unnatural light, flash…}


This little candle used to be a part of the ribbon foursome I made {the ones on the cake plate, but they wouldn’t all fit there}. It has a new spot in my vintage Portuguese measuring boxes. I didn’t need to add holes for the tiny heart “pennant” banner to hang from, there are so many! Fun to put some bakers’ twine to good use too holding some hearts from an old necklace.

No photos of my coffee table, but there’s a tray with a candle and some great Valentine’s reading for the kiddos. Have you ever read the history of St. Valentine? We have this kid friendly version in the stack:

Well, enjoy all the chocolates, candy and cards America! We’ll be one of few here making something of this day, and that’s ok.

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