Friday, April 1, 2011

The Royal Palace of Mafra

A couple weeks ago, we were privileged to take some guests to Mafra—a first for us. Look at what we’d missed!


The inside seemed even more majestic than the outside. How about a king’s eye view of the basilica within the palace?


Or a very nice hospital for sick friars? {Yes, that is a faux friar standing up there on the right! Ha!}


Amazing ceilings and art…


Hunting trophies galore—wall mounts and chandeliers and furniture made of it!


The most awe-inspiring library I have ever seen {and we almost quit our tour before we got here thinking we’d seen it all}! 


35,000 books, some from 1500’s, hand  printed, wow…


It’s worth a visit to see what broke the bank for Portugal so long ago.



  1. I have only been to Lisbon and I long to go back and visit more of Portugal. My husband and I hope to be able to go on a new interrail/eurorail when the kids are a little older and spend more time in Spain and Portugal. First though I think I need to learn a little Spanish and Portugese since the hotell in Spain almost called the police on us for stealing towels last time we were there. Story was that we didn't get new towels the day before as we had gotten back to our room before the maid was done and she forgot to give us towels. We tried to tell the owner this, but he spoke no English. He finally got the hint and called the maid who had the day off, thank goodness she spoke English and she remembered that she didn't give us towels and it all got solved. But since then I have wanted to learn at list some Spanish so that I can communicate and learn more about the countries.
    Thank you for giving us a look into your experiences.



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