Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Kitty Soccer Party

You may think that there is no such birthday party theme as Hello Kitty Soccer, but this did not stop my now 5 year old from deciding that is what she wanted for her birthday!
Thank goodness for the internet! We found Build-A-Bear outfits that fit our big Hello Kitty doll {Portugual-esque colors don’t you think!} and a soccer outfit for a new small Hello Kitty doll. Both made great gifts from the grandparents.
I found several images on Google to print out and use for decorations. Some weren’t even flat images: I used pictures of water bottles and t-shirts with Hello Kitty playing soccer and cropped out as much as I could.
I put my Silhouette to work on an image I imported from Google to hang over our table—another learning curve opportunity since I did not buy it from the Silhouette online store. The soccer balls are from their store, but I adjusted the color accordingly!
I enlarged the same soccer ball and cut out it separately with the Silhouette for a guide to decorating the cake. I need all the help I can get! Here I am just checking the fit before I ice the cake.
After icing it and filling in the holes with colored crystal sprinkles, I covered those sections with the other cut pieces to add chocolate sprinkles in the open spaces.
I ended up adding black licorice to delineate sections. I’m not crazy about the final outcome, but my daughter was happy to have a soccer cake, and that’s what was important!
We had more rain than we’d hoped for—the girls entertained themselves with dress up and painting for the most part. The sun did come out before everyone left, and we had some great soccer moments in the back yard.
My sweet 5 year old enjoyed herself!

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  1. Great job all around, Jenni! Way to go making a template for the out using your cutter!



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