Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Numbered Collection


A new fad in our home is sticker collecting, particularly Cromos (in Portuguese). The girls were given their first set of stickers in a little tin. It wasn’t until later we learned books were made for them!


Panini is the same company that does sports trading cards in America. In Portugal and other European countries you can buy these books for a couple Euros and then packs of stickers for 50cents. They make them for many characters and teams. I even saw they were offering one on the royal wedding in England on the UK site.


What I love about this “hobby” is how the girls are working on higher number recognition. What a fun way to do it!


I also like that these stickers have a place when new toys and things always have to find a spot in our house. It’s been a cheap yet rewarding way to let the girls know we’re thinking about them when we occasionally bring home a new pack of stickers.

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