Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That Time of Year

We are joining up with The Homeschool Village’s Garden Challenge this year—a great one for us, since we love to garden!


Here is a view of our garden space and my husband cutting back broccoli plants from last year that are mainly just flowering now.  Our compost bin is to the left, and the flowering tree is a plum tree. This photo was taken before we started a new flower bed in the back yard for our herbs since their increase in size left less room for vegetables—you can see their bushiness down the way.


Once the herbs were transplanted, we bought a few baby vegetable plants. My oldest planted the tomatoes. We bought 2 cherry tomato and 2 salad tomato plants (I’m not sure of the specific type due to language differences—I understood the cherry and tomato words though!).


Our youngest daughter planted the cucumbers (“Gurken” in German). The girls love them—a taste they acquired in German kindergarten! We are excited to have more space for these and the tomatoes since they all ran together last year. We also added more strawberry plants, more broccoli plants, and some new green and red leaf lettuce.


Honestly, the girls found other ways to have fun while we worked our old and new beds. Yet it was still a joy to be together outside as we got our garden back in business.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Thank you too for the clothes from the girls. Every time Sydney wears something of theirs she says, "this is from Miah and Kinley Mom!" Thank you again.

  2. how exciting you are joining us all the way in Portugal - thank you!!

  3. Yeah! It looks like you guys have some nice weather. It snowed yesterday! Ugh!! We are just getting the soil ready.

  4. So much fun for the whole family =)

  5. My son wonders off as well when we are gardening :) Today I was checking on the parsnips and he randomly ripped off some swiss chard and eat it! That was a first for him, he does not like anything green.

  6. Jenni, how fun it will be to compare growing notes from your corner of the world to ours! I love that your family is relaxed and enjoying this together! Thanks so much for being a part of the HSV!

  7. P.S. Next link up is April 28th 10am EST
    Susan - The HSV TEAM

  8. Looking at all you are doing with your garden is getting me excited to plant. I took a break last year but am ready to go at it again. I just cleaned up the garden a few weeks ago and am waiting for a bit warmer weather to plant. I'm still learning so hopefully I can learn a bit from watching you...or at least get encouraged. Looking forward to seeing how your garden will grow. I love every glimpse into your life and family. Beautiful. Praying for you.



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