Monday, March 21, 2011

Guest Books

In our line of work, you don’t want to miss getting guest’s signatures. Living overseas, they might not pass this way again (although we hope they do!). I also wanted these books to be special for years to come. We hadn’t come across any journals that might fit the bill, so I decorated two journals from the dollar store.


For The Vineyard side of the retreat center, I cut a grapevine with my Silhouette—as always, we’re amazed what it can do—how intricate a cut is that?! I used travel themed paper my aunt had given me along with a pseudo pocket I made from card stock and lace fabric. Sewing paper is fun when it works right!


For The Orchard side of the retreat center, I used the same travel themed paper and a pear graphic from The Graphics Fairy. I sewed the edges of the pear piece and a button on the label and then added a ruffled piece of linen. Yeah for things coming together!

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  1. I think you're having too much fun over there! :) Very clever! Now I have to search further and find out where your particular "overseas" is!

  2. Such a pretty way to remember! Very creative! Thanks for stopping by my blog! To answer your question - I used iron transfers and yes they can be washed in cold water.
    xo Cathy

  3. Great idea. I know a lot of folks who have done guest books but never one so pretty ;-) It's a blessing to have and benefit from these outlets of creativity. Thanks for sharing...and for being so faithful to our Creator. Hope you are doing well. BTW, love the last project you did with the girls. All the fun.



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