Friday, March 4, 2011

Silhouette Subway Art

So I received the most amazing machine for Christmas called the Silhouette.

Silhouette SD

It can cut paper, vinyl, and fabric and draw if you have the pen inserts. It’s a little different from other cutting machines because you don’t have to purchase fonts and graphics from a store. You get a set with the machine and then you can download more for about 99cents each. Plus the online store offers a free graphic each week! I’ve been working on learning the program that comes with it and am continually amazed at its functionality!

I think my most favorite thing I’ve made so far was the cut vinyl to decorate a tray I painted for a gift, sort of the “subway art” genre.


Transferring the vinyl in one piece was way trickier than the instructions made it seem. Therefore some of the words and letters were not in line and worse, I left too much space at the top. In the last  minute crunch to complete it, it had to be okay. Learning curve again! I do feel I’ll know what to do a little differently next time I make something like this.

Can’t say enough good things about it still (and no one’s paying me to say this)! I feel SO blessed to have one!

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