Friday, October 22, 2010

Cutting Up the Stash

With the cooler weather coming in, I was able to pull out the “new” t-shirt scarf I made last spring.  What I made it from certainly wasn’t new. You might have caught on to the fact {from my posts OR if you know me} that I don’t let go of things very easily. I’m getting better though! So, from an old mission trip T:


I actually saw one just like it at H&M for 9.99! It really IS a simple thing to make. YOU SHOULD TRY IT! I followed the tutorial at Vermillion Rules except that I didn’t pull out the basting stitches afterwards. Mine’s not quite as ruffly as theirs, but I’m not complaining.


So… off to your machines to make free scarves for everyone! I know my stash still has lots to offer—how about yours?


  1. that is so cute!!! i might actually pull out the old sewing machine and try! ...well, if it ever cools off in waco...

  2. You are SO creative...does Antioch or Jesus bring that out in you???? :-)



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