Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catching the Grape Harvest

We’ve passed several trucks filled to nearly overflowing with grapes, and I’ve either not had my camera or was too slow! Friday, we were driving from the girls’ school, when we spotted a tractor and trailer parked on the side of a vineyard (so nice to not have a moving target!). This load was not as big as some I’ve seen going down the road, but it’s still amazing for me to see.


There were three workers in this vineyard. You can see it’s not easy to find them!


Ah ha!


The vineyards are really showing the first signs of fall in our area.


Not a bad view for your workplace, huh?! The Atlantic is just over that last set of hills in the distance.  We have rain and wind today, but I’m hoping for many more gorgeous autumn days like this ahead.


  1. Jenni! This is so beautiful! I cannot wait to come see ti in person!!

  2. Wow! That's amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!



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