Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hedgehogs and More

Today is a holiday in Portugal. In fact, it’s the 100th anniversary of Portugal becoming a republic. You’d think it would be similar to the 4th of July, but a friend told us there have been many victories over the opposition in Portugal, that this is celebrating one of many. I have to remember that America is a relatively new country!  Anyway, the girls were home from their Portuguese kindergarten so we had extra time to do homeschool versus the 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon we have normally.

Raising Rock Stars

This week we started the letter H with Raising Rock Stars Preschool. This program has been a lot of fun and a good basis to focus our week around (great printables and songs to download too!). We love how it helps the girls learn God’s word. I even signed up for the members only portion so my youngest gets extra review from the PowerPoint presentations.


Every week I look at several websites for ideas to go along with our letter of the week or something with the theme. Our hand print hedgehog from No Time for Flashcards was quite a hit. They turned out really cute too! We looked at pictures of hedgehogs on the internet and to find out about their habitat (another H idea from No Time for Flashcards).


I was also encouraged with our continued gradual introduction to telling time. Last week’s letter was T, so I only introduced the clock. Today, we each had a clock with movable hands. I was reading the book Playtime (Tick Tock Book) as we all changed the hour hands to match hour of the girl’s activity in the book. Even my four year old was following along well!

DSCF7741 DSCF7742

Another fun thing we tried for the first time was going outside with a cute nature study page for the girls to draw what they see outside. {Thanks Mama Kenz Studio!}I like this one since it allows the girls to “document” things themselves, and then it helps me ask them questions afterwards. The girls LOVED going around outside with their nature study page on a clip board—big stuff!


So, thanks for reading about today’s successes. I’m really grateful for all the online “support” I have way over here (meaning readers and amazing bloggers who share their ideas)!

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