Monday, November 1, 2010

Bread From God Day

Today the girls got to participate in a Portuguese tradition called Pão-por-Deus (or “Bread from God”). Kids go around to all the neighborhood doors before noon and say “Pão-por-Deus” to get little breads, candy, fruit, nuts, or other goodies.  {Sound familiar to a night time activity in America?} It’s a holiday--All Saints Day--today so everyone is at home.


I’ve heard some variations on the origins and meaning of this day. The girls’ teacher said it’s a time we’re thankful for the harvest. My language teacher said traditionally it was a day to give food to the poor who came to your door. Wikipedia says the tradition started after the November 1st earthquake that devastated Lisbon in 1755.  Maybe it’s a little bit of all of that!


Our girls decorated bags for the occasion in their kindergarten last week. Pears, apples and grapes are the main agricultural products in this region.


The girls only made it a few feet in the door before they were organizing all their loot. We really had a great time being together, meeting new people and seeing neighbors. I’m definitely up for trading frightening costumes coming to my door and all that kind of stuff for this!


  1. I LOVE this tradition! It's so much better than Halloween, but still incorporates visiting your neighbors for treats!

  2. Always such an interesting read. So glad we can keep up with you here and learn a little something too. BTW, the girls are precious. Blessings, Emily

  3. How fun! I would much rather have little breads than all the candy my kids got. And what adorable girls you have!!!



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