Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn Accents on the Sofa

I found a fun and cheap pillow at a local store recently.  It reminded me of a project I’d seen in a Do It Yourself  magazine where they appliquéd a bird print onto a turquoise wood grain pillow (the Fall 2010 edition). I thought it might be just the thing to add a Thanksgiving fabric graphic too.


I have seen different examples of using free graphics in decorating. I thought Just Another Hang Up’s printing on fabric tutorial seemed simple enough, I actually tried it!  (She also has a tutorial on using iron on washable graphics if you’re interested). I chose a Thanksgiving graphic from The Graphics Fairy—scroll down to Clip Art Categories to see all she has to offer!


This is my printed graphic on fabric still attached to card stock (with spray adhesive). It was easily removable. I cut out the printed section and realized I didn’t like how it covered up my wood grain pillow so much. So I ended up using a piece of burlap that fit perfectly around one of my rectangle pillows to make a new cover. Before I sewed it up, I sewed on the printed graphic and frayed the edges a bit—nothing fancy.


These new pillows led to a decision to change out a few other less “fall-ish” looking pillows for a few I had stored away or used elsewhere. I pinned on a quick circle flower to one to help it coordinate {cut out some imperfect circles, stack, and glue or attach with a sewn button}.


So, a seasonal change in our living room for not too much effort or money!


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