Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Year Old Today

It’s amazing to think I wrote my first blog post one year ago today! And to think how I was in a different country not knowing what was to come. A lot has changed,  and it’s been really life giving to share some of the highlights with you here!

I could go on about how blogging has affected my life and how much I’ve learned. But in lieu of time, I’ll save that for the “about” page I need to write someday!  I really want to thank all of you who take time to read my blog, follow, subscribe, and/or leave comments! It makes it much more fun!

Other folks have give-a-ways and such for their “blogoversaries” (sp?).  That might come later…maybe when I can take something to the US on a plane! Instead, I thought I’d announce my latest venture: my new Etsy shop, Retrosaria Rua!


I am an entrepreneur at heart, and my husband has the bug too at times! I’ve found some really cute things here I thought others might think are worth buying. (If not, I know I wouldn’t mind using them!) We prayed about the possibility and felt we had a green light from God. My plan is just to see how things go especially in light of my responsibilities here.

Maybe you noticed the new “Etsy Mini” on the sidebar. If not, please have a look. The picture I used above is part of a gate I pass by in town! You can find out more about the name I chose at the shop.  Check back every now and then to see what I’ve had time to add--it’s taking longer than I thought to get a shop started and list items (learning curve?).

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me share from way over here!!!

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