Monday, April 26, 2010

Car Washes and Welcomes

This weekend we spent time working outside our house: planting some vegetable and flower seedlings, cleaning our grill area, etc. It was one of those we-want-to-go-swimming-but-it-just-isn’t-quite-warm-enough-yet days. Very thankful for the sun though!

Our girls still got their share of water! Washing the car is a great outlet for family fun, but I always have to be ready to give clear directions as to what area has been soaped and washed or I’m washing it all over again in the end!


The kids end up in the “pool” still!


We also hung up my new welcome sign near our front door. “Bem Vindo” is Portuguese for “Welcome”. There’s a story with this one!


A few months ago I entered on give-a-way on The Girl Creative blog. It was sponsored by Xpres Urself, maker of custom made boards, vinyl sayings and other unique decor for the home. I commented that I liked the Fancy Monogram Tile. Amazing enough, I got an email saying I’d won! (This is actually the 3rd blog give-a-way I’ve won in the last year—really amazing!) Diana at The Girl Creative got me in touch with Lynette from Xpres Urself.

Lynette was very generous in offering to ship whatever I chose to Portugal. She told me to take my time and let her know exactly what I wanted. After some time, I ended up deciding to offer my prize to a friend who might appreciate it even more. I let Lynette know that I needed more time to let a friend choose what she wanted.

Lynette emailed back that since I was sharing what I won with another that she wanted to give me whatever I wanted also!  So generous!!! My friend and I both chose the Fancy Monogram Tile for ourselves, but there are many other cute and affordable things in her shop, like the Mailbox Monogram or House Address Decal.

Mailbox Monogram

House Address Decal

I wanted to tell everyone about Lynette’s shop and generosity as a big THANK YOU!!! Such a nice treat to spiff up the entry of our home!



  1. How generous... of both of you! It's beautiful!

  2. Oh Jenni - how sweet of you! The tile looks lovely there - I appreciate the shout out and your little one is a cutie-patootie!

    Thanks for letting me share in your winning!



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