Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To the Head of the Table

We have a hodge-podge of chairs for our dining room table.  There are four that match, three that match and a loner reject I picked up by the trash at a resale shop (if that shows how much it was rejected!).   My husband didn’t even want me to keep it. However, when another matchy chair’s cushion got damaged, the reject chair got brought in and put at the end where no one usually sits. Unless we have a full table that is!


Embarrassed to think I’m showing you what we’ve allowed people to sit on for this long! Thankfully, not anymore! I had another chair I had become ready to re-do, so recovering 2 chair cushions seemed more worth the effort! Here’s the other chair which stands by a wall (beautifully) as a fill-in chair.


Comparing fabric options for this project was pretty simple since both cushions popped right out allowing me to pseudo-cover them with different fabrics I thought might work.


After some removal of fabric layers, cutting and stapling:

DSCF6423  DSCF6425












The printed floral fabric on the barley leg chair was originally a dinner napkin I bought at Crate & Barrel that I made into a pillow. I love this change!  The reject chair still needs a little care for its body, but its new look is nothing I’m ashamed of!

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  1. Love the red fabric; gorgeous.
    We have a hodge-podge of chairs also; we tried using some very old chairs that my dad had repaired until one of them BROKE under a guest! They have turned down all subsequent dinner invitations...wonder why?? :)

  2. Hi Jenni! Good to "see" you, thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays!" The chairs look great, my fav is the red--very striking.
    I love that you showed the before pic, love it when people are REAL!!:)
    GREAT job.

  3. I wish my chair would be that easy to reupoulster... The designers on my challenge usually just toss them and have me buy different ones. :/

  4. I love the material you used on both chairs. I wish I had chairs like that in my diningroom...I think I'd forever be changing the look.
    amanda @ myramblings.ca



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