Friday, March 9, 2012

Plates and Frames


I got my daughter’s superdad art back nicely framed and matted last week so I was able to finish decorating the wall behind our new headboard!


You may have seen how I began this process in my last post. I cut out paper pieces for all the things I’d been collecting to use to try them out. I have always loved the plate walls you see on Pinterest and other places.


I tried several configurations on the ground before I came up with the one I went with {ignoring the heater and alarm clocks cords!}.


Several of the things did not end up in on this wall in the end, and it freed me up to hang them elsewhere.


A splash of plates…


and some unconventional frames. The big frame held the angel print I’m selling in my etsy shop. The other one was already empty when I found it at the flea market.


This one is a tin that came from that box of tins I got for a steal! We screwed only the back to the wall so it still opens {what to put in it though?}.



I didn’t feel the other side of the bed needed as much since the space was smaller, and in full view of this wall, the other side needed some weight and height.


I am enjoying the whimsy and life this wall adds to our master bedroom!


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  1. Jenni, Thanks for showing us the process with the paper plates. I think that is a step that so many of us don't think of. Then we end up unhappy with the holes in the wall.: ) Hope we get to visit and see all of this "live" someday.: )

  2. Love it, Jenni! So creative, and definitely whimsy!

  3. Super cute Jenni!! LOVE this look. Thanks for linking up this week :)



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