Friday, March 2, 2012

Our New Headboard


This project has been 2 years coming. We decided to not use our old headboard from America when we moved here {it did not get used in Germany either because of sloped ceilings}. We wanted to use this old piece of something


Maybe it was the top of a doorway? Regardless, we liked it and got it next to nothing years ago not knowing what we’d use it for one day. Then we’ve toted it around the world it seems.


The board next to it is one of the supports my husband cut for the side to hold it up. We stained all the support pieces a dark grey brownish tone.


My husband anchored the supports to the wall because the piece is quite heavy—not something you want rolling onto you in the night!


We used our old upholstered guest bed headboard to fill in the middle, but I decided the beige was not going to work last minute. {It was last covered in fabric from an IKEA curtain panel—this was what was underneath.} I went through my fabric stash, and we decided on a green brocade fabric we’d hung in our living room in Germany—so fun when things get used again!


We had to first undo the sides so my husband could trim the sides down a bit to fit. You can see here the headboard is MDF with a layer of foam and fabric stapled around it. Great memories in how these pieces were found in Germany--not the simplest of tasks {Gummi Bender, Rachel and Kim?!}.


The upholstered piece slid between the side supports, then my husband attached the front side pieces. Next he slipped the old wooden piece in, so that the front thinner decorative wood piece rests in front of the upholstered part. Last he attached the front side supports to hold it all together.

It’s a great bed to sit back against, and I don’t feel that top round part is hanging over my head!


And I finally get to decorate this wall! A peak at what I came up with {a template to start}—hopefully the completed wall in the next post!

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  1. Love it, Jenni! I am in love in the piece on the top, and it looks so naturally and cleanly put together... as if you could have bought it like that! Congrats!

  2. This is my favorite bed EVER!! Dreamy in every way! wanna come to Jo to help me decorate?!?

    1. Thanks Cristie!!! I would LOVE to come help, but you have the skills! Teamwork would be fun!

  3. I love it! We need a headboard update; filing away this idea!

    1. Thank you Ginger! Hope things are well for you!

  4. it looks must just love it!! good for you.
    Happy Tuesday!



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