Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lego Friends Party

Have you seen the new Lego sets for girls? They’re great and they came out just in time to add some girly-ness to my now 6 year old’s Lego party. Thankfully there are gobs of ideas for Lego parties. We just had to add the Lego Friends part {we did not put out the brand new sets since my daughter had just received them that morning—too tiny for 12 kids to play with}! We also did not not buy a lot of extra things for the party, mainly because I’d have to order it all from America. I’ll show you what we still able to do for the décor and the games we played.

For party decorations, I asked a Lego-loving friend to make a large heart out of Legos for a centerpiece. He had to use some cross bar pieces for support, so we used it as a platform for the tiny Lego Friends girls. We didn’t have a stash of the more girly colored Legos yet {although my daughter got some as a gift for her birthday!} so the heart was made in traditional Lego colors.


I set a tray with the treat bags on the table. I’d made them by printing out the kids’ names in a free Lego font on a paper sack. {I saw other cute treat bags online with dots on solid color bags, but I couldn’t find small ones here.} I read a tutorial for sending paper sacks through the printer that helped a ton!


I suspended glittery hearts, stars, and flowers with baker’s twine from our chandelier since the Lego Friends have lots of those girly symbols. You can see in the photo below that I used some Duplo blocks to make a tray for purple/red/orange layered jello cups and a stand for some “pigs-n-blankets".” I got the layered jello idea from Crackers Blog {go check out their amazing Lego cake!}.


I printed out some pictures of the Lego Friends sets and several of the logos from online for the doors that go into our living room.



The pièce de résistance was the pink Lego cake my friend iced/decorated for us. I tried to “help” in baking the cakes for her. She graciously coached me in how to get the cake pans right for this project!


I thought the pennant banner might add a fun touch, and I used the same glittery scrapbook papers that matched the invitations and other girly décor.


I attempted cake balls for the first time using a cake ball baking pan set my mom sent me. Worked like a charm—getting the large flower sprinkles to not fall off with the dipping chocolate was another thing. But they sure tasted good!


Our first game was pin-the-circle-on-the-lego. Kids ranging in age from 3-8 years had a ball with this! I first saw this idea at Money Wise Moms.


I wanted everyone to know this was supposed to be a Lego {for the most part I was speaking broken Portuguese to kids who needed all the help they could get to understand what we were doing!}. I used my Silhouette program to print a mirror image of the word Lego. Then I used a charcoal pencil to trace the outlines. I found the charcoal pencil left better marks when I copied it facedown below.


Afterwards I had a template to retrace with a marker. You could save time by printing out the LEGO word and cutting out the circles, but I didn’t want to make a run for more paper or cut more circles.


Next we had two groups hit on our Lego piñatas. I got the idea for these from Delia Creates. Hers is a pull piñata—we did the hitting kind.


I spray painted two boxes, and my husband helped me put ends of Pringles cans in one and Playdoh containers in another. I hot glued them in, spray painted them some more, then wrapped them in fringed crepe paper {so thankful to have found this—what a time saver!}.


The last we played was building the tallest Lego {or Duplos in this case} tower in 60 seconds. We had 3 kids build their own at a time with a winner’s round at the end. We played music and had a countdown. The kids really got into it!


An unplanned game of dodge ball in the back yard let to lots of free outdoor play.


The party was a lot of fun! Our birthday girl was pleased!


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  1. LOVE your Lego party! Great ideas! That's awesome what you & your husband do in Portugal! What amazing work. I work at a Christian radio station in Atlanta, Ga. Glad I came across your blog through Tater Tots & Jello! Happy Easter! Heidi Rew from



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