Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our School Room

Having my husband’s old office for a school room is wonderful after containing our homeschool books and supplies to a few boxes and carts. See last year’s post for what I was working with before. We have tried to get it all in order before starting homeschool this week . . . and it is getting there. {Please excuse the picture quality in this post. I’ve found it difficult to get good photos in this room with the light against me from the window—tips, anyone?}


Making or finding fun decorations for the room was the easiest—I am inspired to do that! I made the vowels I love you print after seeing one on etsy I loved.


I found an amazing Portuguese 1st grade primer from 1945 that was falling apart, so I didn’t feel too bad to frame some its pages. It was hard to choose which ones to display!


Another great flea market deal was this bookcase that now houses all kinds of special things from the girls and some books I look forward to reading with them!


It’s been a great landing spot for the latest special feather, shell, or rock.


We use the window sill for other handmade treasures and baby succulents that had sprouted from leaves the girls had glued on a paper!


We hung a map from America {geographic titles written in English} above our computer.


I have a U.S. map and a Portugal map on our closet doors with the calendar and other things we do every morning. If you’re interested in any of the items we use, check out Homeschool Creations or 1+1+1=1’s Calendar Morning Board printables. There are other things I’d like to incorporate into that time as I can get to it!


I use a BIG sheet of laminated notebook paper for reviewing weekly themes. I’ve been blessed with a great dry-erase board, a small roll out desk attached to the wall, a movable dry-erase board we use for All About Spelling, and a new bulletin board for items like our picture study—not posted at the time of photograph. My sweet step-dad grabbed the colorful bulletin board border and a welcome-to-the-classroom sign from the Target dollar bins before they came to see us this summer!


We got our desks on sale last year {a pre-having-a-school-room-purchase!} that are a great fit—not too short like the ones the girls are outgrowing from IKEA! We are waiting for our next trip to IKEA for the TROFAST shelves for our bins. They’ll hold the girls’ independent assignments to work on while I work with the other sister, kind of the workboxes system. 


And behind those closet doors are gobs of stuff in some resemblance of orderly fashion. Everything from our hallway art cupboard moved in here so games could have a new home in the hall. I made labels for my magazine holders with my Silhouette and some sticky chalkboard paper I found here. My fun idea did not have the longevity I’d hoped for since the labels get smudged when you grab the box. Maybe a chalk marker next?


The best things in our classroom are my wonderful students of course! They’re fairing pretty well with the change to full-time homeschool; every day this week has felt like we’re getting in the groove better and better. THANK YOU to those of you who were praying!

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  1. Really love your creativity in your room. I think it would be SO fun to learn in that room. Hope it all goes well and isn't it fun when you can get into the routine?

  2. The homeschool room looks AWESOME!! I am so excited for you guys.

  3. Your classroom looks beautiful and your girls look very happy!
    Little Wonders' Days

  4. What an awesome space...I wish I had a room to use for our school, our dinning room table is our space. I tuck everything into the hutch when we need the table! I love getting back into our routine too, it was fun to have the freedom of summer, but back to school is a welcome change now!



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