Monday, September 26, 2011

An Easy Wreath


I got to work on a wreath this weekend, and it came together amazingly fast! I had a back-to-school theme in my head {most kids have only been back in school here in Portugal 1-2 weeks}. I’m holding off on putting out the fall d├ęcor for a wee bit longer. 


The only wreaths I have left to work with here at 2 Styrofoam rings—on the small side, but they’ll do! I cut one of the arms from a discarded shirt of my husbands into strips and started wrapping the wreath.


I used straight pins to secure the ends as a way to save on hot glue and since I’ve had those pins for ages.


I didn’t plan on it, but one of the cuff button holes ended up so nicely showing. I didn’t have time to finish the embellishing that night and then I forgot to take photos of that process the next day.


  1. I used a broken measuring tape like ribbon to wrap the wreath and secured it in spots with hot glue.
  2. I cut apart a 3 circle doily that was stained, hot glued the center of one to felt and gently stretching it out lightly glued every other tip or so. I glued it all to a thin piece of cardboard for stability with fabric glue and added a button with hot glue.
  3. I cut 4 circles of felt in graduating size and secured them with an X of embroidery thread.
  4. I made a yo-yo and glued a button for it’s center. See my last post on yo-yo’s for more info on making them.
  5. I added small pieces of cardboard with  hot glue to the back of several of the items including the little chalkboard so they’d layer well on the wreath.
  6. I twisted some wire around straight pins in the back for a hanger and added hot glue to secure it all.


If I run across something else “schooly” I might add it, but this works for now. I got a lot of these ideas from wreaths I’ve pinned to my wreath Pinterest board.

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Happy wreath making to you all!

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