Monday, August 29, 2011

A Good Laugh Now and Then

The first fruits of our garden this year were not the prettiest.


We discussed that someone could do a sermon on this—so many angles you could take!


Then there are were my zinnias that grew from seed. I came outside one afternoon to find this. {My girls had a heyday with this inchworm!} Obviously the flower had been on its way out—some kind of mildewy looking stuff. Thankful for a laugh before its demise in the trash!


My husband and I had been talking about me doing some sequential blog posts on the vintage yet still-in-use or unusual signs we see in Portugal. Then we showed up for our boat trip and saw this one. {I know the situation would not be funny, but I found it’s uniqueness quite humorous.}


And fish hung to dry is not a daily sight for me, yet not surprising…


but what was hanging next to it was!

1 comment:

  1. What a fun post to get to see what you see Jenni. Seems like you could take those vegetables and create something from them, the potato looks like a dog's nose/mouth, I'd have to study the tomato more, but I found I wanted to turn it upside down.



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