Friday, August 19, 2011

Dishcloth on the Wall

My kitchen desk area was a long time coming, and worth the wait! We had to find a carpenter that could match the cabinets and then a local granite dealer that could match the countertops that were already in our home when we bought it. {Marble and granite are unbelievably cheap in Portugal!}


You’d think I’d get it decorated in no time flat. Yet it’s been about nine months since it was all installed! I think having to drill holes in the tile deterred my decision making and following through a bit. But, at last, it’s all up!


The three vegetable print plates were a semi-simple decision. It was what to put in the big space behind the computer desk! I wanted the area to be restful to the eyes, rather than busy {which my grandmother’s fun salt & pepper shaker collection would have been—sad!}. I had some great pics of my girls and husband so I chose some frameless dollar store frames for those. We tried to hang them without holes several ways and had to resort to drilling.


One day I was going through my fabric stash and thought I should see if a dishcloth complemented what I had used in the kitchen. It did…but what to do with it? My husband happened to be hanging things in the new office so I grabbed a frame before he used it to try out my idea: putting the dishcloth behind the frame as a dry-erase board. It worked!


I bought a similar size frame that matched. FYI: it has glass—not sure how dry-erase would do on the Plexiglas-like frames. I didn’t even have to cut the cloth {which I was happy about} but folded and taped down the corner edges that stuck out. It has been so nice to keep tabs on meal plans and other to-do lists that don’t need to be rewritten weekly in my week at-a-glance calendar!


One space I planned for and therefore was easy to decorate was my latte bowl shelf. Just enough room for them and the hidden electrical cords behind them for some light on my desk!


And lastly, the tops of the cabinets needed some bigger items to fill the void. Two flea market finds, a souvenir box, and two items I use seasonally will work until something else catches my eye.


So thankful it’s done! Now just to finish organizing the insides of the cabinets!


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  1. Love it! You did some fun things there, so creative.

  2. That is so cool! I love the dry erase board. I might try that in my kitchen.



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