Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recycling and Backyard Fun

We were at the mall the other day and saw a large display of school kids’ recycle projects. It was very intriguing to see their creativity. Of course this got my daughters’ creative juices flowing. Back at home, we were finding boxes from our paper trash to make into a city in no time. DSCF0512

If you’d like to do this at home too, here’s what we did:

  1. I wrapped each box in shipping paper so the paint would stick.
  2. The girls decided what each building would be and where it would go on our cardboard landscape.
  3. They drew what they planned out with pencil before painting.
  4. Loads of painting! After the paint dried, they filled in details with marker.
  5. The next day I hot glued rolled scrap fabric “roof tiles” {like we see here in Portugal} or some form of roof, then each box to the base and any other details the girls thought of.
  6. Lots of play time!


Thankfully, when the recycle village project was finished, and the girls wanted to know what that day’s “project” would be, I turned to my Smart Summer Challenge calendar {Backyard Science Week}. Today said “Choose a number and make it into a picture using items from your yard.” Since today was the 14th, we decided to make fourteens. The girls flew outside to find great yard treasures and came back to create. Can you find the fourteen?


Other backyard fun at our house continues to be harvesting from our garden…


and bringing the backyard indoors.


P.S.: If you have a minute…

The most accepting Foo-Foo has been of the girls’ feeding her yet. We enjoyed her munching sounds!


  1. Love the creativity you do with your girls. They must love it! Thanks.

  2. Jenny, the number project with nature objects is fabulous! I'll have to try that with Issi.: )

  3. HOW FUN!! I really love how you took this idea and ran with it--your girls are so lucky to have you as their mom. And foo-foo is lucky to have you all, too. As a former bunny owner, you better believe I stopped to watch your video. Thanks for sharing in our Smart Summer Challenge, week 3!

  4. Love both projects! You and the girls did a great job! I want a bunny but, unfortunately, I think so would my cats.



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