Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tissue Box Beauty

I’m on a roll {HA!—especially when I’m talking about tissue!} with seeing what needs to be changed or finished around here. Amazing how a new round of guests coming can motivate me!

Since I moved overseas, I had to start using the long versus tall boxes of Kleenex/tissue because they didn’t sell the tall kind in Germany, much less cute boxes.  So I couldn’t use the tall decorative covers I brought from America. Portugal does offer many nicer looking boxes of tissue, but the price is not worth it. Did I like this look? NO.


But sadly I settled for this look for WAY TOO LONG. This paper maché cover has been waiting for some attention for possibly 4 years!


I had some sweet guests who brought me a swath of new scrapbook paper from America, so I had new inspiration to get moving with.

DSCF9960 Much better, heh? It was really simple to trace around the edges and hole of the box to the back of the paper, cut and then glue on with decoupage glue. I love it!  This inspired me to attack the other blank box in my bedroom.


This tissue box cover is wooden {so German!}, and I had bought some lovely fabric-like paper in Germany to cover it. Thankfully I had not nabbed it for another project! I tried to cover it with one whole piece and layer the seams. It worked out pretty well except that you can see the wood grain through it in certain spots.


I’ve actually seen some pretty amazing homemade tissue box covers in blogland—quilted, embellished, you name it. Yet using paper was doable enough for me that I might have to go find some more blank covers to bring some beauty to an otherwise unattractive necessity in our home.

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  1. Great idea! I love how you can jazz up a plain wooden tissue box with pretty paper.



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