Friday, June 18, 2010

Seat of Hay

Ever think about removing the cushion when you recover seat cushions? Now I’m wishing I had! Recently I bought an old padded wooden stool I hoped to use next to my closet for putting on shoes, etc. The Portuguese vendor kept telling me how good a deal I got and that it was Art Deco (I think that’s what she was telling me).


I did not get any pictures before my husband tore into it for me. He pulled off 3 layers of fabric and found this for the padding!


Hey (ha!), how ‘bout that!  So glad we decided to re-do this one completely. Is this hay from the art deco era?  I have no idea, but 2 pieces of thick foam made a nice new seat cushion. Then a little fabric left from my curtain project, and wa-la!—a comfy spot for my putting my shoes on!



I’m sharing this at  Furniture Feature Fridays

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