Wednesday, June 2, 2010

10 Happy Things

*Updated with correct link to the alphabet review idea below!*

Today I got a comment from Lynette at My Craft Discovery that she’d given me an award. So nice to be thought of! However, in light of the heightened busyness around here, I cannot really receive it since you have to list 10 things that make you happy and give it out to 10 other bloggers (sounds like a great “Do unto others…” activity). My time is limitado (I don’t think that is a real Portuguese word, it just sounded appropriate!). I am making an exception to write a few posts tonight as a short break!

As I was just washing dishes, I started thinking about what would I say are 10 things that make me happy. There are actually several today, and that is really good because my day didn’t start out too swell physically or emotionally.

1. Finding a tuna recipe that my family readily ate! Tuna is a major food staple around here (and cheap to boot), but thus far not so popular with the family—until today!

2. Smelling sweet nectarines as I work in the kitchen (before I opened the tuna cans!).

3. Seeing my silverware and glassware transformed after using a major brand dishwasher detergent! After nearly a year of using the generic {it takes a long time to use those HUGE boxes of tablets here}, we’d about given up hope for our utensils and glasses, thinking it was the water here. A-ha! One time it pays to spend more!

4. Finding cherries at the farmer’s market for 3Euros/kilo (about $2.00/lb). Amazing, huh?! I thought I’d never see cheap cherries again after leaving Germany!

5. Watching my girls enjoy playing with the neighbor kids even though they don’t speak the same language!

6. Connecting with friends and family today through email, Skype and Facebook!

7. Coming up with an idea to re-purpose the shirt I’m wearing that I realized has a hole on the front lower center. We’ll see if that happens!

8. Having a not too hot day and not too cold evening and just a gentle enough breeze that my clothes on the rack outside are not blown off! Yes, I know that is what clothes pins are for.

9. Having a great idea for reviewing the alphabet with the girls come in my email inbox {loving not having to search for it} using the above named clothes pins!

10. Seeing the willingness of my husband to help me in this new busier season of life—I am really blessed!

This has been a great exercise in being thankful in the little things.  How I am encouraged! I highly recommend this to you even if you even if an award wasn’t coming your way today!


  1. What a great list! I totally understand the time thing! I am glad your day has been a bit brighter! Have a great week.

  2. Hi Jenni, thanks so much for linking to my site! Love the pictures on your blog :)



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