Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Very Special Drawings

February 21st will be a special day to remember for our family! It was the first time we gave a clear explanation of God’s plan of salvation for to our daughters, and they both said they wanted to make Jesus their Savior!  I know they are only 5 and nearly 4 years of age, but it seemed they were sincere in their understanding and decision. At one point, my younger daughter said unsolicited, “It makes me sad how I’ve been mean.” It was nice to emphasize God’s plan of forgiveness for our sin to her. The girls have continued to talk about it their decision over the  last few days.

My husband remembered a drawing he had learned. You can draw it for anyone to visually understand what God has done for us through giving his son Jesus as the means to eternal life with Him.  My husband drew this picture out for the girls explaining each step (Adam and Eve’s relationship with God before and after their choice to sin, man’s attempts to get to God, God sending Jesus to die for our sins, and our choice). It really kept their attention to listen and watch him draw the next part. After we finished talking about it and praying with the girls, he gave the girls a copy of the drawing for them to color. Here is my older daughter’s colored version:

Miah's salvation pic-1 

She was actually sick that night but felt great during our our home Sunday School time. In the middle of the night, I let her color to get her mind off her stomach. This is when she colored her drawing and added the pool with people around it. She is excited to be baptized—can you tell?! She added her name on the top line too, showing the path she’s chosen!  We are so thankful!!! These pictures will be a great memory for the girls one day too!

I’d love to give more specifics or answer questions if this is something you’d like to use or understand too!

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  1. love the drawing! what a great way to pass on faith to the next generation :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. Wonderful!!



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