Sunday, February 7, 2010

Free Shipping on Books

Yes, not a very fancy title, but it says it all! My friend Jen told me about a website called The Book Depository out of the UK. She said they’ve had most every book she’s ever looked for. I checked it out, curious if they’d hike up prices to compensate.

I’ve been wanting a Portuguese history book and found one on If I was in the States, that might be the way to go with their free shipping once you order $25. But I have to consider the shipping or effort on my mom’s part to get it to Portugal after that. (Amazon does have international shipping thankfully, if I ever really need to order to come straight here.) So this book I want is $19.95 on Amazon (plus shipping or buy something else) OR 12.46 Euro at The Book Depository which equals $16.95 at the current exchange rate. Saves me time and money!

So exciting to have such a resource! (For all of you reading in the States, finding English books we want is something we miss overseas.) I hope all my international friends will be blessed by the news as well! Thanks Jen!

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