Monday, February 15, 2010

“New” Foam Soap

I’ve nearly run out of all the great B&BW hand soap I brought back from the States. Instead of using a grocery store soap pump on the counter, I decided to get out an old foam soap dispenser my mom bought me from Pampered Chef years ago. It was not real attractive but very functional with directions on the side for mixing the foam soap solution. Sorry for the blurry photo (I need to work on close up shots!).


I subscribe to a blog called Just Something I Made. The writer, Cathe Holden, posts great FREE vintage digital downloads.

I found a flower print and a Paris post mark from her site to download and print that went with some scrapbook paper scraps I had. Using some decoupage glue I had, the soap bottle became a little more enjoyable to use.

DSCF5512 DSCF5521 DSCF5523

I left the backside uncovered so I’d be able to reformulate the solution without looking on the internet and measuring it out as I’ve done in the past.

It’s not perfect (bubbles that did not want to be pressed away in the paper after the top coats of decoupage glue), but I am thankful to have saved money and used something sitting in storage. I mentioned it to a friend, and she said she hadn’t noticed a homemade decorated soap bottle when she used our bathroom. What a compliment—thanks Cristi! And thanks to Cathe Holden for your blog/resources too!

I’m participating in the following “parties”:


  1. Oh!! This is fabulous! What a wonderful composition of graphics for a gorgeous label. Thank you so much for linking to my site with such a beautiful project!!!

  2. This turned out cute - I've not heard of that graphic site - thank you for sharing. It makes me want another one of those foam bottles.



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