Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cake of Cream Puffs

My husband celebrated his birthday yesterday, and he requested a cake of profiteroles as we know them here in Portugal. You may know them as cream puffs.


We see large cakes of them in the bakeries here, and my husband didn’t want me to spend a lot buying one of those. So, I bought several boxes of frozen cream puffs at LIDL {kind of like ALDI} for a great price. I put them on a cake stand to thaw for an hour and then drizzled on the included chocolate before serving.


Checking online, I see I really didn’t make a Bolo de Profiteroles {cream puff cake}. I checked some Portuguese recipes, and they use the cream puffs to decorate the outside of a real cake and fill in the spaces with whipped cream and/or egg cream which is very popular here.


So, it wasn’t the real deal, but there were no complaints here. A new easy dessert was discovered! And the simplest birthday “cake” I’ve ever made!



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