Friday, September 3, 2010

Table Talk and Tomatoes

Quote of the day: We were talking about what foods were good for your heart at lunch today (ie: oatmeal, garlic). Our oldest daughter said,

“Jesus is what people need for their heart, not oatmeal!”

Confession of the day: We have not found hard taco shells in Portugal. Thankfully we can get tortillas, but it’s much cheaper to bring some back from America! I found a recipe for making taco shells (essentially just frying and folding them in the oil). It feels like a confession since I’m a Registered Dietitian…funny we were just speaking of heart health! I do have to say that these tacos (including ground beef/pork, homemade salsa, field greens, cilantro, and tomatoes from our garden) in the fried shells were YUM-O!  Maybe we’ll put them on the menu only…once a month :).

Quickly I wanted to share how I used up 8 kilos (nearly 18 pounds) of tomatoes from our garden in a matter of minutes. Sorry these are NOT pretty pictures!


This is my 2nd Vidalia Chop Wizard. It might not say much about it since my first one broke after months of chopping onions (and not shedding tears doing it). However, I loved it so much I got a 2nd one! 



I could not make all the salsa to can that I wanted since I couldn’t find more limes at the store. Therefore I chopped up my tomatoes and froze them for future salsa making just like the frozen chopped tomatoes I usually buy at the store.


Yeah for fast and free!


  1. genius. need one of those tools, for sure. we make so much gazpacho and salsa, this would be perfect for my house.

  2. That thing is cool beans!! ;-)
    We finally have a few tomatoes; it took nearly all summer for them to get happy and produce.



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