Monday, September 20, 2010

Pumpkin Factory

Friday we took the girls back to check out a place that had caught our eye in passing earlier that week. It looked like a pumpkin factory, but really it was pumpkin storage. And actually I think it is winter squash storage.


Bins and bins of the biggest squash and pumpkins we’d ever seen in one place!  We were used to a trailer full on the side of the road in Germany but never this quantity.


We didn’t know if the workers would let us take pictures (it seems businesses are funny about pictures here)—thankfully one said yes to my question in broken Portuguese. Then another fellow motioned that we should go back to the warehouses in the back.


Amazing what we saw! Rows and rows of neatly stacked squash and pumpkins! It could pass for the fall aisle at Hobby Lobby, but these were real!


I found online that you can store some winter squash for 4-6 months! We’ll have to check out what this place looks like in a few months.


We weren’t in Portugal for fall last year so I’m not sure what it looks like here (and I’ve been holding onto summer as long as I can). Yet I’m thankful for glimpses of the beauty of the season to come!


  1. A very unusual sight! It made for neat photos and a fun excursion, I'm sure!

  2. Quite an image. I'm looking forward to seeing what fall will be like. In Portugal, I'm sure it never ceases to amaze.



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