Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stuff Control!

Motivation that turns to action in organization is a gift that I have to grab before it flies away. Thankfully this gift has lent to attacking several problem areas in our home!

First of all, we bought a rolling set of drawers from IKEA to keep homeschool supplies and activities in. I keep the curriculum we currently use in a rolling bin that rolls out to the dining room table. This new cart will keep me at the table rather than running back to a room to find something else!  The decided home for this cart was our kitchen pantry/laundry room. It was getting out of control:

DSCF7268 DSCF7269

We removed the lower shelf, found spots for the bins and recycling, added a melamine covered board as a countertop and shuffled other things around or threw them away!  Here is the reorganized look (and I’m being thankful for this when I’d love for it to all be hidden away!):

DSCF7304 DSCF7305

I was also ready to see less stuff hanging around in the girls’ room. (I forgot to get before pics of the bookshelves and their closet.) First, I removed books I thought the girls had outgrown (so hard to do when I think “they’ll be able to read that themselves soon!”). I needed more space for all the new books we brought back from America. Now the girls have dedicated spaces in the room for their “treasure boxes” (jewelry boxes) and a new rule that they can only keep as much stuff in them that will allow the boxes to close.


I also bought plastic drawers for one side of their closet for toys, purses, CD’s and other things that were in bins on the shelves, making more room there. The games are more accessible (or at least less likely to be forgotten) in this new spot.


Lastly, we hung up two peg racks for the girls’ necklaces and bracelets in their closet and put all their lip glosses and such in a little tin.


Now for training myself and them to put things back where they go! It feels like you can breathe in these places again.

There are still problem areas TBA (and attacked)! My hope is that others will sense they can also be vulnerable and productive in their stuff management along with me.

I’m sharing this at ABC and 123’s:


Organize and Decorate Everything


  1. Looks great! Really pretty space!


    P.s. Going to follow you! Stop in and see me too, if you get the chance! We are about to begin posting about more HS'ing stuff since our first day was this past Monday. We are a traveling HS'ing family!

  2. Great job in getting everything organized. I love your green walls in the laundry room and the bookcase!

  3. I love all the different organizing ideas you used. I love their little jewelry hanging on the pegs. I bought those from Ikea too. Thanks for joining We're ORganized Wednesday.



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