Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to Business (and a winner!)

We’ve been back in Portugal 3 days after 5 weeks in America. We had a wonderful time AND it is good to be back (apart from the crazy wake-up-every-night-feeling-I’m-on-American-time syndrome AKA jet-lag!).  I’m looking forward to delving into my craft/cooking/gardening/organizing/home school world again (and sharing it with you!) but I’m taking the resettling process one step at at time.


I did want to say we had a winner in The Girl Creative’s give-away for my etsy shop, Retrosaria Rua. Christa at Modern Vintage Interiors won and chose the vintage metal soap holder. Congratulations to you Christa! (Go check out her amazing work and beautiful blog!) Thank you to everyone who entered/visited the shop!

I also thought I’d share a few favorite pictures from our trip although there were many more memorable moments.

DSCF6985 shucking corn with cousins (in matching dresses from Nana)

DSCF7003 profile shot with Nana

DSCF7069 being the bowling ball at our conference’s carnival

DSCF7107 beauty all around us (wishing I had a recording of the water streaming by!)

DSCF7161 going to the circus with Grams, Pops, Uncle Matt, and Aunt Erin

DSCF7169 more cousin time

DSCF7187 and kitty time

And now back to the present (and good things to come!) in Portugal…


  1. Glad you all had a great time in the States and returned home safely. We are in Porto now,(and have an extra bedroom) so come see us:)

  2. Welcome back! Hope you received and are enjoying your CD!

  3. What fun family photos! Shucking corn is one of my daughter's favorite activities, too!



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