Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun Times in Choco-land

Yesterday was the last day of the VIII Festival Internacional de Chocolate in Obidos, the medieval walled city 10 minutes north of us. We went three times! Helps we bought a season pass to all their festivals. Obidos in itself is a site to see, but they do put on some outstanding festivals!

I’m taking the pictures so you can’t see the chocolate on my face!


This was not just a child’s delight! Lines of people came to see unbelievable sculptures in chocolate…



amazing cakes and the artists at work (I think they’re making a chocolate roof here)…



great kid friendly and well planned activities like chocolate cake baking and decorating…


and of course, the chocolate food! I think our family tried chocolate cake on a stick, chocolate iced cookies, hot chocolate that’s more like a thin pudding, chocolate covered marshmallows and fruit, fruit in chocolate fondue, chocolate tarts, and chocolate filled waffles on a stick. Worth three visits so you don’t have to try all of that at once!


The air was lively there too with big cupcakes, bakers on stilts and the like walking around. By the way, does this guy remind you of an oompa-loompa  from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory years ago?


The place looks like a set from the movie or the Candy Land Game. See my friend Cristi’s post for more pictures. You need to plan on it for next year!


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