Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baskets of Fun

Amazing what a box of plastic Easter eggs can do to entertain young kids! We have quite a stash after my mom hit the Easter sale at Wal-Mart several years ago. She wanted all the missionary kids who visit to have enough! So most stay tucked away until we have visitors. Even so, we have enough out for a plethora of activities.


Without being encouraged to, my oldest daughter started putting the separated eggs together with another so that two eggs stuck together (remind anyone of cellular replication in biology?). Then the girls lined them up, counted them, made sure every had the same amount of glitter eggs and so forth. I could come up with several uses for them in our home school plans. They’re worth every penny and bit of storage!


I’m sharing this at Coffee With Me’s Thursday Tips.


  1. Fun! What beautiful girls you have!

  2. There just something about plastic Easter eggs. Hey! I found you from the New Friend Friday! Your girls are very pretty!

  3. I love plastic eggs! So many fun things to do with them.

    Thanks for linking up with Thursday Tips!



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