Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Skirt and Stockings

It’s time to take down our Christmas decorations, but I remembered to take a photo of our new Christmas digs now that the presents are gone.


I finally made new stockings and a new tree skirt from fabric I’ve had for two years! We had been working our way towards a more bright color scheme in our ornaments and such. So glad to have it all come together this year!


Now for a few close-ups:


After considering a few one-main-fabric tree skirts, I went with the pie piece cuts to include them all. I found the cute trim at our local Retrosaria, battled with it a bit trying to find a way to sew it on. I relented and used hot glue.


The stockings were a success in the making only by following the tutorial by Sew Like My Mom. It took a bit of faith to see how it would turn out. You essentially create one solid piece, lining and exterior,


stuff the lining in when you’re done


and fold down the top.


{Anyone remember the red candy fabric above from 1996 or so? My daughter wanted that for hers over some of the “newer” retro fabric I’d bought. Worked with the color scheme though!}


My husband wanted a manly stocking, so I made his from a felted sweater I had. {It really works to wash and dry an old wool sweater on hot to get great fabric!} I used the same instructions but had to piece some of the sweater together for the neck of the stocking which is hidden.


Here they are post-Christmas--not so pristine in shape after being so full! But so nice to have it done and them be well enjoyed!

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