Friday, February 1, 2013

New Planters

I’ve had several plants sitting in my kitchen waiting for a permanent home. Three tiny succulents were in my window sill, and it occurred to me they might fit in the old polka-dot bowl I had sitting next to them.


Wa-lah! Then began the hunt to find more of these “new” planters. Even though I’d prefer to de-stash, the best bets for these other plants were found at our local flea market. A teapot for my rex begonia…


The poinsettia from Christmas has been given a chance at longer life too. We’ll see how she fares outside of her Christmas florist donned wrapping.


I’m hoping the plants will thrive despite the fact I didn’t drill holes in the bottom of these pottery pieces. Just being careful to not overwater. I have used rocks or other objects in the lower sections of vases and pottery in the past to give water a place to go in a way, just not this time. These containers were on the smaller side.


In the mean time I’m encouraged by prettier plant life in the kitchen in the middle of winter!

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