Friday, January 11, 2013

New Life for a Tray


One of the few projects I completed for the holidays this year was an old tray that had not been used in years after getting broken. {Yet I knew it still had potential—my weakness!} Yay for one more thing out of the stash!


My husband came to the rescue with some kind of glue to keep the crack from getting worse. I decided to decoupage the bottom with scrapbook paper so it would not be seen. I chose papers that would work with Christmas but could be used anytime with the colors in our living room.


Here I’ve glued the five pieces on with Mod Podge. Then I put three coats on the top allowing each to dry before adding another. I had searched the internet to see if decoupage glue would alter the glittered paper and couldn’t find an answer. I tested a small piece and saw it dulled the color of the glitter a bit but was not significant enough for me to not seal the tray, especially when someone might set a drink on it at our coffee table.


The crack left some small indentations in the paper but I don’t think it’s too noticeable. If you try this like me on a shiny surface, take care to not get the Mod Podge on the uncovered surfaces. You can see it leaves a dull film that needs to be removed.


We’ll see how many more seasons we can get out of this tray now. :)


  1. lovely! Did the spot end up drying well on the paper? I love your house at Christmas ;)



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