Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Blooms Again

It’s been several weeks since my birthday, but I thought this year’s birthday blooms were worthy of a post (similar to last year’s). When my husband brought home one very tall stem of orchards, I wondered how would I display such a thing. I needed a heavy vase to hold up them up and let them not topple over. Then I remembered my fun vase set!


The orchids cut up in the little vases along with a flea market tablecloth I had made a great new table setting!


The challenge of coming up with new table settings more often with the amount of guests we’ve had come through lately has been fun for me. {I’ve decided my table cloth stash isn’t just for occasional decor, and our placemats need to be used rather than stored for years!} When we’re eating on the table cloths and such, the need to wash them sooner is paramount. Thus a chance at a new table setting versus one per month or holiday like I used to do. I’m going to err on the side that our guests are blessed by a nice table set for them—and hopefully good food too!


We had Hawaiian chicken stack up for dinner this week with our guests so the flowers fit right in with that meal. This time I used my brown and pink floral melamine plates from Hobby Lobby. Last week I used our basic off-white Mikasa plates with my apple green napkins from the Pottery Barn outlet. {I forget to take photos in the midst of the preparation and meal.} So fun when things come together…enjoying it while these flowers last!


  1. Jenni, the flowers are lovely and Happy belated Birthday. You've solved my issue for long, heavy stemmed flowers. Where did you find that vase set?

  2. the flowers are so pretty and I love the way you have arranged them.



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