Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rub On Transfers: A Finishable Project

I am really good at choosing projects I want to do and not getting them finished or ever getting to them! I felt victorious when I completed a dish makeover to match the Christmas decorations on our mantel and tree. Last year I decided to start making some changes with our Christmas decor, trying to infuse a bit of whimsy--maybe that's what having small kids does to you! Anyway, the plates above our mantel are great, from our local pottery manufacturer, but they did not fit what I was going for.Thankfully I had bought some rub on transfers from a scrapbook store in the States. They are Heather Bailey's Autumn Leaves by Freshcuts. I had never done this before but thought it was worth a shot with plates I bought from the Chinesa Loja (what we call dollar stores here) for a Euro each. The kit comes with directions and a "burnisher", AKA popsicle stick. Rubbing the transfers on takes a bit of elbow grease and a lot of patience, checking it to make sure every bit is down, rubbing again and again. Pulling the backing paper up too fast can rip the transfer. A couple times I messed up the transfers beyond repair and had to settle with the thought that it made them look sort of shabby, in a good way.

The mantel with it's updated Christmas attire:
A close up on my favorite dish with the bird transfer:
The whole picture:

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